Executive Office

Renato Redentor Constantino

Executive Director

Red has worked for close to three decades with international climate, development and environment campaigning organizations spanning South, Southeast, East, and Central Asia. He is the author of The Poverty of Memory: Essays on History and Empire and was part of the anthologies Letters to the Earth (HarperCollins, 2019) with Yoko Ono, Mary Oliver, Emma Thompson and Mark Rylance, Humanity (Paloma Press, 2018) with Eileen Tabios, Laura Mullen, and Murzban F. Shroff, Literary Encounters: A Comprehensive Worktext in 21st Century Literature from the Philippines (University of San Carlos Press, 2016), and the Japanese publication The World Can be Changed: An Anthology for Posterity (TUP/Seven Forest Bookstore, Tokyo: 2004), along with Ariel Dorfman, Jane Goodall, Chalmers Johnson, and Sami Ramadani.

As head of ICSC, he published and contributed to what might be the world’s first literary anthology, Agam: Filipino Narratives on Uncertainty and Climate Change (ICSC, 2014), which was awarded three national book awards. He writes for several publications, and his essays on history, memory, environment and development have been translated into several languages.

Panel of Experts

Alberto “Bert” Dalusung III

Energy Transition Advisor

Bert has over 30 years experience in the energy sector with particular focus on renewable energy development, national energy planning, and policy formulation. He served before as Director for Energy Planning in the Department of Energy, where he was involved in pioneering geothermal steam pricing, electricity cost structures and transfer pricing, national energy balance reporting and the conduct of nationwide household energy surveys. He is the former President of the Biomass Renewable Energy Alliance and was appointed by President Duterte as a member of the National Renewable Energy Board representing private developers.

Francis Joseph Dela Cruz

Partnerships and Advocacy Advisor

Francis has been a campaigner on various social and environmental issues, including coal and clean energy, for the past three decades. He is also an experienced facilitator and trainer on campaigning, project management and leadership. He first got involved with ICSC in June 2015 by promoting renewable energy solutions in Haiyan-affected areas in Samar and Iloilo.

Dr. Felino Lansigan

Climate Adaptation Advisor

Known for his contributions in agricultural statistics, statistical hydrology, environmental statistics, and climate change, Felino currently serves as the Dean of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) College of Arts and Sciences and chair/convenor of the UPLB Climate and Disaster Risks Studies Center. He is also a member of the Climate Change Commission’s National Panel of Technical Experts and a founding member of the ACE Network.

Felino is the editor-in-chief of an international peer-reviewed Sciverse-Scopus-indexed journal and member of editorial board of two other scientific journals. Apart from that, he also leads the UPLB-DOST project on Smarter Approaches to Reinvigorate Agriculture as an Industry (SARAI) and he contributed to Working Group II of IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report.

Atty. Pedro “Pete” Maniego, Jr., FICD, PIE

Senior Policy Advisor

Atty. Pedro “Pete” H. Maniego Jr. is a Fellow and Trustee of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), and Chairman of ICD’s Fellows Committee and Strategy Execution Pathway (StEP) Committee. Currently, he is the Senior Policy Advisor of ICSC, Energy Advisor of the Climate Change Commission, Chairman of the Energy Lawyers Association of the Philippines, and consultant to several energy firms. As Chairman of the National Renewable Energy Board from September 2010 to June 2016, he spearheaded the implementation of the various mechanisms under the Renewable Energy Act leading to the installation of new renewable energy plants of around 2,000 MW. He was Co-Champion of the Power and Energy Working Group of the National Competitiveness Council from 2017 to 18, Chairman of the UP Engineering & Research Foundation from 2015 to 17, and Trustee of the Judicial Reform Initiative from 2017 to 19. At present, he serves as director of Armscor Global Defense Inc., RASLAG Corp., Chairman of Secure Arms Guns and Ammo Inc., Of Counsel of Dime & Eviota Law, Adviser to UPERDFI, and lecturer at the Ateneo School of Government, UP Law Center and ICD.

In addition to being a lawyer, Atty. Maniego is a Professional Industrial Engineer and economist. He has completed graduate studies in management, business economics, renewable energy development, energy transition and climate finance. He is also a certified graduate of the Kaplan & Norton’s Balanced Scorecard and the Renewable Academy of Berlin. Pete has more than 50 years’ experience in C- level positions in the energy, metals, beverage, semiconductor, IT, munitions, construction, and venture capital sectors and the academe. An internationally recognized expert in clean and sustainable energy development, he is often tapped as resource person in various trade missions and high-level conferences in Europe, United States and Asia.

Dr. Toby Melissa Monsod

Economics Advisor

Dr. Toby Monsod is associate professor at the University of the Philippines School of Economics. She attained her PhD in Economics in the same institution in 2008. She specializes in regional economics, housing economics, public economics, development economics, and impact evaluation. She is a member and former coordinator of the Human Development Network, and has received the National Academy of Science and Technology Most Outstanding Book Award three times for her work as Co-editor and/or Lead Author of the 2005, 2009 and 2013 Volumes of the Philippine Human Development Report.

Aldrin Pelicano

Inclusive Urban Mobility Advisor

Aldrin is an urban planner and active transport advocate. He started MNL Moves using social media to promote walking and cycling as a transport choice in Metro Manila. He currently works for an international development sector consultancy organization. Aldrin is advising ICSC’s Urban Transition team on engaging the wider community of active commuters and cities in Metro Manila. He has an undergraduate degree in political science and graduate diploma in urban and regional planning.

Lourdes Tibig

Climate Science Advisor

Lourdes, a meteorologist and climatologist, is a member of the Climate Change Commission’s National Panel of Technical Experts. She is a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate and was a lead author of Working Group II of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report. She is also a founding member of the Asia Climate Experts (ACE) Network and was previously chief of the Climate Data Section of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), and researcher of the Manila Observatory.

Climate Governance

The Climate Governance Team (CGT) works on integrating sound, current, and vetted climate science into long-term development planning, implementation, and review processes across national and local levels while engaging international, regional and national networks to increase adaptive capacity and the ability of national and local institutions to pursue resilient low carbon development.

Angelo Kairos Dela Cruz

Deputy Executive Director

Kairos is ICSC’s deputy executive director and head of the Climate Finance Team. He leads ICSC in tackling various pressing issues on climate finance access and accountability. He led the campaign for the passage of the People’s Survival Fund in 2012 and sits as an alternate NGO representative to the PSF Board. He also leads the organization’s convenorship of GCFWatch, a Southern CSO-led initiative established to help promote and accelerate civil society readiness to engage the Green Climate Fund. He implemented the Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative or AFAI project in 2014 and now also leads in sustaining AFAI by expanding its lenses to include mitigation, gender, and forestry tags.

Danica Marie Supnet

Senior Analyst 

Danica leads the coordination with academic institutions, scientists, and other experts on the climate science research agenda to support  ICSC’s work with local governments and communities on policy development. She is also in charge of mainstreaming the gender and development agenda for climate planning. She is the co-lead of the ACE Network secretariat, a fellow of the Asian consortium  Women and Earth Initiative (WORTH), and the Academy for Political Management (APM), and a Climate Reality Leader inducted last 2016.

Janssen Mozar Martinez

Lead Analyst

Janssen is the Lead Analyst of the Climate Finance Team. He initially started in 2015 as ICSC’S researcher for the Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative or AFAI. He now leads the organization’s climate finance tracking efforts and provides technical assistance to local governments and organizations to craft adaptation proposals, among other initiatives. He also represents the organization in several civil society organization networks, such as the CSO observer networks in the Green Climate Fund and Climate Investment Funds.


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Research Assistant

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Urban Transitions

The Urban Transitions Team (UrT) supports the early adoption and integration of climate change risks and opportunities into long-term urban development planning. The team works closely with local governments and urban development planners in promoting, piloting, and advancing resilient, inclusive, low-carbon strategies that readily address the development challenges of cities and rapidly urbanizing communities especially concerning transport, water, and energy.

Mobility Awards

The Mobility Awards is a platform that recognizes bike- and pedestrian-friendly local government units, workplaces, and commercial establishments. It aims to prioritize the majority of Filipinos who do not have cars, and provide them with reliable, sustainable, and inclusive mobility programs. 

The inaugural round focused on the active mobility efforts of LGUs, workplaces, and establishments in Metro Manila. The organizers (ICSC, MNL Moves, The Climate Reality Project Philippines, and 350 Pilipinas) hope to hold the awards nationwide in the future. 


Maria Golda Hilario

Associate for Program Development

Golda has had over two decades of experience in development work, mostly doing participatory research and policy analysis in the areas of sustainable agriculture, agricultural biodiversity, livelihood systems and trade. She formerly led ICSC’s RE-Charge Pilipinas team and is now leading the development of its urban transitions agenda. She is also ICSC’s representative and an adviser to the Philippine delegation to the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference of the Beijing+25 Review.

She has written “Braving the Uncertainties of Weather: Weather Index Insurance as Agriculture Risk Transfer Mechanism for Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Reduction in the Philippines” in 2012 for ICSC with the Climate Change Commission and Oxfam in the Philippines.

Arielle Celine Tabinga

Urban Transitions Analyst

Celine holds a master’s degree in environmental planning and management from Miriam College. She is currently helping develop and support ICSC’s gender work and low-carbon resilience agenda. She was previously the Special Projects Coordinator for ICSC, and supported both the Alas ng Bayan exhibit and the Agam Agenda.

Urban Transitions Analyst

To be recruited

Ardyn Albert V. Gonzales


Ardyn is currently a part-time researcher and consultant at ICSC for the urban transition agenda and finance mechanisms for climate sensitive urban planning projects. He has invaluable experiences in the academe, research, and advocacy work, where his field of specialization includes democracy and electoral politics, local governance, policy analysis, and public financial management. At the moment, he is finishing his graduate degree in Political Science at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

Energy Policy

The Energy Policy Team (EPT) helps advance the campaign to decarbonize the Philippine energy sector, with a sound theoretical footing, by pursuing climate and energy research and conducting technical and economic analysis.

Associate for Energy Policy

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Denise Fontanilla

Associate for Policy Advocacy

Denise has worked on climate, energy, and other environmental campaigns for over a decade, coordinating advocacy efforts and communications initiatives with national, regional, and international civil society groups. After leading ICSC’s communications agenda for 4 years, she is now focusing on the organization’s international policy advocacy work on both climate and energy, while still advising the communications team.

Mila Jude

Energy Policy Consultant

Mila has more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector, specifically in climate change mitigation (GHG inventory, MRV, renewable energy, energy efficiency, demand-side management) and energy planning and policy.  She has worked as Energy Specialist in Thailand, Cambodia and Denmark in projects funded by the UN, World Bank, ADB, AFD, EC and other international organizations.  She worked as Supervisor of the Mini-Hydro Division of the Philippine Department of Energy.  She has conducted desk reviews of more than 120 projects in climate change mitigation.  These projects are located in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Annex 1 countries (mostly in Europe).

Angelika Marie David

CASE Project Coordinator

Ange currently works as an analyst of the climate finance team to support the development of the team’s climate finance accountability work on energy and mitigation. A large part of her work in the past years is with energy policy. She has been involved in research focus on off-grid island electrification, stranded coal assets, and carbon pricing. She also engages with energy policymakers and stakeholders to support dialogues on low-carbon development and accelerating regional and local energy transition.

Jephraim Manansala

Chief Data Scientist

Jeph leads the Data Science initiative for ICSC’s Energy Policy Team to develop data-driven solutions for the energy sector. He holds Master’s degrees in Data Science from the Asian Institute of Management and in Electrical Engineering specializing in Power Systems from Mapua Institute of Technology and placed second in the Registered Electrical Engineers Licensure Exams in 2014. He has six years of experience in the energy sector, specifically in industrial plant construction, operations, maintenance, and technical support. He also worked as a Data Science Consultant for a project that aims to future-proof the Philippine Higher Education sector.

Marion Lois Tan

Data Science Analyst

Marion is an analyst interested in the energy sector. She has previously worked as a data analyst for a power company and volunteered as a researcher for renewable energy projects for small island provinces. She studied Mechanical Engineering at De La Salle University with two research papers published in international conferences.

Vince Carlo Garcia

Research Assistant

Vince started out as a chemical engineering graduate in 2015 from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Passionate about using engineering solutions to solve environmental problems, he took MS Environmental Engineering from the same institution. He specialized in wastewater treatment and finished his master’s degree in 2018 after a 6-month stint as a research scientist at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Soon after, he worked as a research fellow focusing on water quality analyses and micropollutant modelling in a project that aims to comprehensively assess the state of the Pampanga River Basin. He has since worked in multiple environmental research projects in UP Diliman about natural water environments and solid waste valorization. He also did policy research analysis on air quality emission standards of coal-fired powerplants in developing countries.

Policy Analyst

To be recruited

RE-Charge Pilipinas

The RE-Charge Pilipinas (RCP), established as a post-Typhoon Yolanda initiative by the ICSC, continues to demonstrate renewable energy innovations as their contribution to overall efforts of achieving climate resiliency and community-driven paths towards low-carbon development in the Philippines. 2018 was a very productive year for RCP, where they achieved numerous milestones, together with their partners – women’s groups, local government units, volunteers, private renewable energy providers, state colleges, researchers, and funding partners.


Arturo Tahup

Associate for Community Resilience

A veteran DRR practitioner, humanitarian worker, and community organizer, Uro worked as project coordinator and humanitarian assistance project officer of international organizations involved in the Typhoon Haiyan response in Samar. He now leads ICSC’s RE-Charge Pilipinas Team in deeply setting its programs and projects on low carbon resilience and energy democracy in survivor communities, and in broadening its network of allies and partners in local governments, civil society and people’s organizations, and electric cooperatives in Eastern Visayas. 

He is also the co-founder and Vice President of the community-based DRR organization in his hometown, the Morong Volunteers Emergency Response Team.

Orlando Quesada

Community Outreach Officer

A local of Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Orlan works closely with our partner communities particularly in Guiuan’s Suluan Island; Marabut, Samar; and Tacloban City, Leyte. He is also RE-Charge Pilipinas’ gender person, continuing to provide gender sensitivity orientations to all interns and volunteers.

Prior to being ICSC’s community outreach officer, Orlan has been our gender research consultant and community facilitator in Sulu-an.

Glinly Alvero

Innovations Officer

Glinly, a Haiyan survivor from Abuyog, Leyte, is RE-Charge Pilipinas’ innovations officer who designed the latest versions of the solar TekPaks in collaboration with fellow survivors under the Solar Scholars Program. Aside from supervising the TekPak assembly and maintaining the 9.75 kilowatt hybrid PV system in the RCP facility, he mentors student interns and local partners in designing and setting up community-owned solar power systems and other renewable energy solutions

Special Projects


In 2014, ICSC published what may be the world’s first literary anthology on climate change composed of 26 images and 24 narratives in verse and prose in eight languages. “Agam: Filipino Narratives on Uncertainty and Climate Change” won multiple book awards in the Philippines and inspired the Agam Climate Podcast, which features the authors as they talk about the role of art and culture in the fight against climate change.

The upcoming book, Harvest Moon: Poems and Stories from the Edge of the Climate Crisis, will focus on storytelling and conversations on climate change, without the technical jargon, in the global south: Africa, Latin America, and Asia and the Pacific. 



Alas ng Bayan is a ‘herstory’ exhibit that features the paintings of five Filipinas who resisted national oppression, social injustice, and rank misogyny throughout the country’s history: Gregoria ‘Oriang’ de Jesus (Lakambini ng Katipunan), Apolonia Catra (lone recorded woman officer with Macario Sakay’s forces), Remedios Gomez-Paraiso (Hukbalahap’s Kumander Liwayway), Lorena Barros (Martial Law activist), and Gloria Capitan (Bataan anti-coal activist).


Padmapani L. Perez

Project Lead, Agam Agenda

An anthropologist by training and a writer by heart, Padma’s poems and essays have been anthologized in various Philippine publications, including Agam: Filipino Narratives on Uncertainty and Climate Change (2014, ICSC). She authored Green Entanglements: Nature Conservation and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Indonesia and the Philippines (2018, University of the Philippines Press), and Shelah Goes to a Da-ngah (2016, Alam-am Publishing), a children’s book. She received her doctorate in anthropology from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Leiden University, Netherlands. An advocate for food sovereignty, Padma serves on the boards of SeedChange (formerly USC Canada) and Global Seed Savers Philippines.

Carissa Pobre

Project Assistant, Agam Agenda

Carissa has worked across the fields of sustainable development, creative disciplines, and its intersections. As a consultant, she has worked on the sustainability strategies and reports of top companies across Asia, and was previously head of strategy for a leading sustainability communications agency in the Philippines. A seasoned writer and comms practitioner, she is a graduate of the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership and obtained her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Ateneo de Manila University.

Pilar Medina

Volunteer, Agam Agenda

An avid songwriter, storyteller, and aspiring animator, Pilar believes in the power of music and stories to share ideas and inspire people.  An advocate for social justice and the environment, she wants to use her time as a volunteer to learn from, and contribute to, the Agam Agenda and the various programs of ICSC.

Julia Javier

Intern, Agam Agenda

Julia is a recent high school graduate from De La Salle University (Manila) Integrated School and is expected to attend SUNY Stony Brook University in New York to major in Environmental Studies next fall. She has worked across the fields of social sciences and environmental education and has been involved in numerous research projects. As an avid advocate for the environment, she is dedicated to working in the fields of environmentalism and sustainable development.


Associate for Communications

To be recruited

Joseph Manalo

Creatives Manager

Jo manages the production of ICSC’s creative products and the work of its creatives staff. He has over 17 years of production management, art direction and graphic design experience for print, web, software and video applications.

Aileen Camille Dimatatac

Media Coordinator

AC, a photojournalist, leads ICSC’s relations with journalists and other media producers. She also produces photo and videos for the Institute. She has been a communications officer for an environmental NGO, a photojournalist for a newspaper, and she previously taught communications courses at a state university.

Ira Dominique Guerrero

Communications Coordinator

Ira is a development communicator with professional experience in project management, media relations, and multimedia production in the fields of climate change, energy, sustainability, health, and nutrition. She continuously works with ICSC’s comms unit in developing content and implementing communications plans and strategies of the organization.

Anton Onato

Communications Officer (Writer/Coordinator)

Anton is a journalism graduate, now contributing to ICSC’s mission of advancing fair climate policy and climate-resilient development through his writing. He previously worked as a sports reporter and a part-time educator teaching communication courses at two private universities in Manila. His areas of interest include climate, religion, politics, and media literacy.

Rosalie Agustin

Communications Officer (Graphic Designer)

Salie is a multimedia designer with professional experience in various areas of design, including branding, print, illustration, video editing, and animation. Since graduating from interior design, she has worked for the development sector under different government institutions and NGOs with advocacies in mental health, environment, women’s rights, and digital rights.

Administration and Finance

Associate for Administration and Finance

To be recruited

Human Resources Manager

To be recruited

Cheryl Guilas

Administration and Finance Manager

Che worked for a bookkeeping firm for 20 years before joining ICSC in 2013. More than just heading ICSC’s administrative and finance team, she is considered the mother of the team.

Mary Ann Calma Santoalla

Business Support Coordinator

Annie has sixteen years of experience in humanitarian and human rights work and thirteen years of experience in the production and publication of public information and education and mass communication materials. She currently supervises events management and logistics for ICSC, among other administrative tasks.

Jacqueline Tumaliuan-Gutierrez

Administration and Finance Assistant

Jackie, a certified bookkeeper, worked as an admin staff for a private school before joining ICSC in 2012. She is also a Climate Reality Leader inducted in 2020 after attending the virtual Global Training of The Climate Reality Project.

Ma. Dianna Benaya

Administration Staff

Dianne worked as the secretary of a parish church before joining ICSC in mid-2015. She also graduated from a short course in bookkeeping.

Adielyn Canaleja

Accounting Officer

Adie has years of diversified experience in accounting and finance. She has worked with a professional firm as a Senior Tax Associate specializing in management, tax, and corporate services and has been involved in providing services to both local, multinational companies and conducting several international engagements in the field.

Administration Staff

To be recruited