Women of Solar Scholars as Agents of Change

By Arielle Celine Tabinga On October 25, 2018. I began my training as a Solar Skolar. I had the opportunity to witness the first ever Women-Led Solar Scholars Training held in Marabut, Samar. The initial approach of the workshop is to develop women-leaders from RE-Serve to train community women’s [...]

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Five years after Haiyan, survivors light the way for the rest of the country – and the world

by Denise Fontanilla Exactly five years ago today, Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck central Philippines. Today, we remember the over 7,000 people whose lives were lost. We also remember how countless lives and communities were forever changed by the super typhoon. Too often, we gloss over the devastations left [...]

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Rising water in Santa Fe

by Isabella Mendoza Bantayan Island—it’s a place one hour off the western coast of mainland Cebu. With white sand beaches and abundant seafood, Bantayan has long been a popular destination of locals and foreigners. Yet behind this fair façade lies a plethora of problems made worse by climate change. ICSC’s [...]

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Paying it forward: Haiyan survivors light the way in Mangkhut response

Text and photos by AC Dimatatac As a photojournalist who has experience in documenting humanitarian response, I have witnessed how responders usually focus on water, livelihood, health and living conditions, but overlook energy, no matter how vital it is. I was excited to join the Typhoon Mangkhut (Ompong) rapid assessment [...]

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Community Centred Climate Change

by Sarah Lukaszczyk Our intern Sara Lukaszczyk writes about her recent trip with the climate policy team to Baybay, Leyte, where locals were discussing the proposed new disaster risk reduction law and its implication on slow onset events research. One of the major things that attracted me to working in [...]

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Tracking climate finance in Vietnam

by Danica Marie Supnet I recently went to Vietnam for the first time to convene a three-day skillshare on the Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative (AFAI) with a few colleagues from ICSC. AFAI is an international research initiative tracking how climate finance committed by donor countries and organizations has been received [...]

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Powering Tacloban City’s quake drill with solar energy

by Arturo Tahup Tacloban City’s earthquake drill yesterday (21 June 2018) was powered by the sun, thanks to a team of humanitarian responders with portable solar-powered equipment. Two radio base stations used during the drill were powered by a TekPak, a portable solar suitcase developed by the Institute for Climate [...]

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Where turtles go

by Rio Constantino Editor’s Note: Rio Constantino is a Grade-12 student at the Philippine Science High School — Main Campus. He volunteered to join ICSC's Francis Dela Cruz and Janssen Mozar Martinez in a trip to the Turtle Islands earlier this month in cooperation with the Turtle Conservation Society of [...]

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