Climate group calls for PH resolve to climate action

Amidst US pullout from Paris climate deal


MANILA, 2 June 2017 — Reacting to the United States’ exit from the Paris Agreement on climate change, Denise Fontanilla, climate policy coordinator of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, said:

“Trump promoted fossil fuel interests over those of the people and the planet by pulling out the United States from the Paris Agreement, but even he cannot stop the tide of climate action happening within and beyond his country.

“Across the world, vulnerable communities and enlightened leaders in politics, business and civil society remain resolute in ending the age of fossils. Solar and other renewable energy costs will likewise keep on plummeting, paving the way not just for cleaner, cheaper and more stable electricity but also a better quality of life for people.

“The Philippine government must join the overwhelming majority of the international community not only in defending its people from the threats of climate change, but also in grabbing the opportunities brought about by low-carbon development.

“Trump and his cronies refuse to realize that jobs and investments are heading to China and India, which are set to exceed their Paris climate pledges. The Duterte administration would be wise to heed the signs.”


Notes to the editor:

The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities is a policy group in the Philippines promoting low-carbon development strategies, sustainable energy solutions and fair climate policy in vulnerable countries.

70% of Americans support climate action according to a survey, and even American business giants are recognizing the threat of climate change. Just two days ago, a majority of ExxonMobil’s shareholders voted for the oil company to improve its disclosure of climate risks. One fo those shareholders is BlackRock, the world’s biggest investment firm, whose global head declared last week that “coal is dead”. 

The European Union and China are expected to launch a joint affirmation of the Paris Agreement tomorrow. Several other countries, states and cities have also backed the climate deal.