Climate Change, Geography, and Human Development

Climate Change, Geography, and Human Development2019-05-25T19:50:05+08:00

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This is a compelling argument against centralized, cookie-cutter type of approaches from the national government-particularly in agriculture, the most climate-sensitive sector. Rather, the first best and, maybe, only response to narity and unpredictability is to strengthen adaptive capacities of communities-strengthening human capabilities and building on local coping mechanisms. Certain types of information, technology, and research may be best produced or financed at the national level, but the delivery and application of these public goods requires local knowledge, flexibility, and customization. Certainly, planning capacity will be critical, if not essential, to the adaptive potential of localities. in order to avoid fragmented local responses to climate change and clumsy, ineffective, one-size-fits-all national programs, interventions at the provincial level will be central to building climate change resilience at the local level.