30 Aug 2017|

Policy Brief: The proper approach to coal and natural gas taxation in the Philippines

by Viking Logarta, Dr. Marian Delos Angeles, and Jeffrey Koon
This policy brief was published on August 30, 2017 in support of the efforts of the Department of Finance (DOF) in reforming the tax system toward a fairer and more sustainable one, especially in regard to fossil fuels. The DOF intends to propose a coal tax to the legislature before the end of the year (Package 5).

22 Jul 2017|

Updates from the 9th and 10th PSF Board Meetings

The People’s Survival Fund (PSF) Board held its 9th and 10th meetings last July 5 and 20, 2017, respectively, at the Department of Finance in Roxas Boulevard, Manila. Highlights of said meetings, including key interventions from the NGO representative to the PSF Board as well as annexes, are included in our updates (downloadable PDF format).

20 Jul 2017|

ICSC Position Paper on the Draft Distributed Generation Company Licensing Rules and Microgrids

ICSC sent the following position paper and detailed tabular comments on the draft rules for distribution generation company licensing last July 4, 2017, to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) under the Department of Energy. The draft rules address key segments of solar rooftop business potential, the categorization and regulation of industry players, which include providers, households, commercial and industrial customers, the distribution utilities.

05 Jul 2017|

Energy in Humanitarian Response:
A Case Study on Humanitarian Actors’ Perceptions of Energy During Typhoon Haiyan

Report by ICSC supported by Christian Aid, launched July 5, 2017
Energy plays an important role in humanitarian response. In disaster-hit areas, energy becomes a rare commodity, along with water, food and shelter. The unavailability of this service hinders the development and resilience- building efforts of entire communities in post-disaster situations. However, the value of energy is often overlooked in the humanitarian response system.

05 Jun 2017|

Global Carbon Pricing: The Path to Climate Cooperation

"Global Carbon Pricing: The Path to Climate Cooperation", published by the MIT Press in June 2017, is the state-of-the-art on the design of carbon taxation as a policy tool for compliance with the Paris Agreement. In the book, the authors, including two with Nobels in economics, urge for a policy change that makes compliance consistent with each country’s interest. We urge all serious scholars and climate activists to read it.

29 May 2017|

Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines:
The Case for Wind- and Solar-Powered Small Island Grids

This paper describes how small islands in the Philippines can modernize outdated power- generation systems that currently rely on imported diesel fuel and how solar- and wind- powered grids on these islands can supply affordable, reliable, more efficient, more secure, and cleaner power. Many Philippine small island grids served today by diesel generators suffer from frequent blackouts and unplanned power outages.

17 Mar 2017|

ICSC & IEEFA comments on the EPDP Paper

DOWNLOAD PDF Getting Prices Right: Philippine energy policy should be guided 
 by the country’s climate vulnerability Preliminary review of FILIPINO 2040 Energy: Power Security and Competitiveness Comments by: Viking Logarta, Energy Policy Advisor, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities Atty. Pete Maniego Jr., Senior Policy Advisor, 
 Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities Sara Jane Ahmed, Energy [...]

17 Mar 2017|

GIZ comments on EPDP Paper

DOWNLOAD PDF “Filipino 2040 – Energy: Power Security and Competitiveness EPDP Working Paper 2016 – 01R” Comments by Michael Vemuri, GIZ, Chief Advisor Renewable Energy With inputs from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Menke, Trier University of Applied Sciences Kilian Reiche, iiDevelopment