Presentation: Filipino 2040: Energy: Security and Competitiveness

The Energy Policy and Development Program (EPDP) of the UPecon Foundation wrote the working paper "Filipino 2040 | Energy: Power Security and Competitiveness" (2016 - 01R), which was presented by EPDP program director Dr. Majah Leah Ravago at the round table discussion organized by ICSC and WWF Philippines in cooperation with the University of the Philippines School of Economics.

By focusing on the generation sector, the paper presents two possible scenarios for the next 25 years and illustrate how policy reforms on fuel mix can potentially reduce blended generation charges that make up 47% of the total electric bill of households. It also provides an assessment of the power sector's performance and suggests broad key reforms and alternative pathways needed for the sector to contribute to the overall vision of a strong-growth economy and improved well-being of Filipinos by 2040.

Download the presentation