PSF Board information portal for CSOs

You will find in this page reports, documents, notes and other materials related to People's Survival Fund Board discussions, including the appointment papers of the CSO representative to the PSF Board, and some archival material showing the different legislative versions of what is today called the PSF Act, dating back to the original House and Senate bills that were eventually passed as RA 9729 or the Climate Change Act of 2009, which was eventually amended into what is today RA 10174 or the PSF Law.

This page intends to sustain the transparency and accountability agenda not only of the PSF Board but of ICSC itself as an organization that works on fair climate policy and sustainable energy solutions.

Feedback is always welcome. Write to the CSO Representative to the PSF Board.

Under Section 21(i) of the law, the PSF Board is composed of nine officials: the Secretary of the Department of Finance, sitting as chair of the board; the Vice Chairperson of the Climate Change Commission; the Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management; the Director General of the National Economic and Development Authority; the Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government; the Chairperson of the Philippine Commission on Women; a representative from the academic and scientific community, Dr. Rex Cruz; a representative from the business sector, Mr. Peter Perfecto; and a representative from civil society.

Sec. 21(i) stipulates that non-government organizations sitting as members of the PSF Board representing the academic and scientific community, the business sector and civil society,

“are disqualified from accessing the fund during their term, as set by the Commission, and a year after their tenure in the PSF Board shall have been terminated or completed. The said representatives shall be identified and designated as such by the Commission.”



Philippine Climate Change Legislation:

Climate Change Act of 2009

An act mainstreaming climate change into government policy formulations, establishing the framework strategy and program on climate change, creating for this purpose the Climate Change Commission, and for other purposes.



People's Survival Fund

An act establishing the People’s Survival Fund to provide long-term finance streams to enable the government to effectively address the problem of climate change, amending for the purpose Republic Act No. 9729, otherwise known as the “Climate Change Act of 2009.”