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The policy briefer entitled "Accessing the People's Survival Fund: Finding the Right Balance between Access Modalities and Institutional Arrangements for the PSF is iCSC's contribution to the policy discussions that the PSF Board will have once convened. This briefer proposes the modality of "enhanced access," a localized version of direct access, in operationalizing the PSF. Enhanced access is a perfect fit for the PSF because it is a modality that requires expediency of access, efficient delivery, and high fiduciary standards.

As the world reels from the devastating impacts of climate change, financing sources for climate resilient development are proliferating at a rate and scale that, from initial appearance, may all but surpass traditional flows of official development assistance (ODA). Unfortunately, the scale of resources pledged so far are far from the scale of financing required to meet the needs of developing countries like the Philippines. Worse, most of the pledges remain just that -- pledges virtually written on water, many recycled from previously announced commitments.