Senate Bill 2558 – Explanatory Note

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, in his explanatory note of SB 2558, explains the need for the amendment of Republic Act of 9729, otherwise known as the ‘Climate Change Act of 2009’. According to him, the Climate Change Commission that was created by the RA 9729 has yet to deliver a concrete implementation and financial policies to carry out the mandate of the said law. Furthermore, the vagueness in the provisions of the said law resulted to inconsistency in the funding priorities which, as a consequence, resulted to missed opportunities for funding. With that said, he introduced the People’s Survival Fund in order to finance climate change adaptation projects that are directly supportive of local government unit’s objectives. The sources of the fund shall be taken from (a) the General Appropriations Act; (b) part of the Cash dividends taken from Government Owned and Controlled Corporations; (c) a portion of the Certified Emission Reduction earned under the clean development mechanisms; and (d) a portion of the Motor Vehicle’s User’s Charge but it will not be limited to such.