Senate urged to level playing field in PH energy market

Manila, September 28, 2016 — The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) on Wednesday urged the Senate’s energy committee to create more opportunities for renewables in the country’s energy market to accelerate the Philippines’ industrialization.

“Opening a level playing field for diverse energy solutions reduces the country’s exposure to fluctuating prices and dependency in the international fossil-fuel market, guaranteeing the country’s long-term energy security. Renewable energy offers sustainable, stable, and affordable power that is in line with the Philippine government’s commitment to provide the power needs of the country and its development goals,” ICSC Senior Policy Adviser Atty. Pete H. Maniego said during a Senate energy committee hearing.

ICSC is advocating the shift from a cost-based to a price-based approach in power contracts, not only for renewable energy sources but also for all technologies and fuel sources.

Maniego, the former chair of the National Renewable Energy Board (NREB), noted that renewable energy would not only enable industrialization but also mobilize far greater investments with the right policy support. He said a competitive playing field in the energy market promoted by the Duterte government will bolster its objectives for industrialization.

“The Philippines is best powered by renewables through distributed and flexible generation. A critical part of the solution is to eliminate the “first-to-complete, first-to-be-approved” system that unsurprisingly favors bigger companies and discriminates against smaller players. Subsequently, nurturing a diverse market that offers an ever-widening array of renewable energy services and products will attract a new wave of investments,” he said.

ICSC also proposes that NREB be empowered with budget and personnel to effectively accomplish its functions, foremost of which is to identify the best energy strategy for the country.

The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) is a non-profit organization working on low-carbon development initiatives and fair climate policy.

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