09 November 2020 — The victory of United States President-Elect Joseph Biden can give the world a fighting chance to survive and thrive both the COVID and climate crises, but only if grassroots groups and world leaders hold his administration to its promises, according to the Manila-based NGO Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities.

Denise Fontanilla, Associate for Policy Advocacy of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, said:

“As US President-Elect Joseph Biden himself has said, his victory is a clear mandate for actions not only on COVID-19 and the economy but also climate change and equality. It puts the US back on the international fight against climate change, and gives them the chance to catch up with other major economies in flattening both the COVID and climate curves.

“Biden’s win means it is time for US grassroots groups and the rest of the world, especially vulnerable countries like the Philippines, to roll up our sleeves and make sure his administration WILL follow through on its promises. There is hard work ahead, but we are buoyed by the US election outcome, which enhances the ability of vulnerable communities to survive and thrive amid the pandemic and the climate crisis.

“Biden has pledged to recommit the United States to the Paris agreement as soon as he sits in office. The campaign has also promised to ensure the US supports  a transition to 100% clean electricity by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050.

“The Biden team’s commitments follow China’s net zero by 2060 announcement – as well as President Duterte’s recommitment to the Paris Agreement – last September in the United Nations General Assembly, as well as Japan and South Korea’s net zero by 2050 pledges last October, and even Vladimir Putin’s order to the Russian government earlier this month to heed the Paris accord.

“The US joins major economies in aiming at decarbonization goals and supporting developing countries in their own green transition. Biden’s USD 2 trillion stimulus package for green jobs and clean energy is an example of how the world does not have to choose between responding to the pandemic and climate change.”

CONTACT: AC Dimatatac, ICSC: media@icsc.ngo, +63 998 5469788