by Roel Amazona | January 30, 2024 | Published by Philippine News Agency | READ THE STORY HERE

TACLOBAN CITY – The rural health unit (RHU) of Guiuan in Eastern Samar on Tuesday received from the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) two solar generators to ensure the facility’s operation amid power outages.

During the turnover event, Guiuan RHU chief Maria Socorro Flores said using a renewable source of energy for the electricity needs of the facility will also lessen their electricity cost.

“This will also strengthen the RHU’s resilience during emergencies, aside from enhancing the RHU’s services,” she said.

She said due to power outages after the onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda, health services were interrupted, limiting the local health workers’ capacity to respond to medical attention.

“The absence of electricity delays and hampers the delivery of services to the people who are in need, especially those who need healthcare, like women who will give birth,” Guiuan town administrator Kinna Kwan during the turnover ceremony.

Earlier, ICSC provided a solar generator to the RHU facility in the island village of Sulu-an in Guiuan.

“We hope that the RHU will lead in promoting the use of renewable energy, not only encouraging communities to shift to the use of RE but also explaining its importance and its significant effect on the environment,” ICSC representative Orland Quesada said.

ICSC is a non-government group advancing fair climate policy and low-carbon, climate-resilient development. It is engaged with the wider international climate and energy policy arena, particularly in Asia. (PNA)

Photo by Alfredo Opana