Eastern Visayas Summit on Climate Resilient Development 20242024-05-13T17:04:49+08:00

The Eastern Visayas Summit on Climate-Resilient Development brings together key stakeholders — including the national and local government, civil society, academia, and the private sector — from across the region to collaborate on strategies and implementation plans for inclusive, sustainable, and climate-resilient solutions in Eastern Visayas.

The Summit is held on May 14-15, 2024 in Tacloban City, and is organized by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC).

Eastern Visayas at the forefront of climate change impacts

The Philippines is highly vulnerable to climate change, ranking among the most affected countries globally. Eastern Visayas, in particular, stands at the forefront, bearing the brunt of extreme weather events like typhoons and slow-onset events like sea level rise. These events threaten food security, livelihoods, and the well-being of vulnerable communities, particularly the poor, women, Indigenous Peoples, and those reliant on agriculture and aquaculture.

The devastating impact of climate change is not just a local concern. Developing countries like the Philippines have lost significant economic wealth due to its effects, resources that could have been directed towards crucial needs like food, water, shelter, and healthcare. This underscores the urgency of climate action, where adaptation and mitigation are not roadblocks to development but pathways towards a more resilient future.

Climate-resilient development, as defined by the IPCC, empowers communities to integrate climate action into their strategies, building resilience to climate impacts. This approach recognizes that the climate crisis affects regions differently, depending on existing vulnerabilities. Therefore, local leadership and active stakeholder involvement, including government, civil society, academe, private sector, and media, are crucial for planning and implementing effective adaptation and mitigation measures.

Eastern Visayas has embarked on this path through its Regional Development Plan (RDP) for 2023-2028, where specific chapters for climate change and energy are integrated. This demonstrates a recognition that adaptation and mitigation are not trade-offs to economic development, but rather essential for achieving sustainable growth. Prioritizing the region’s specific adaptation needs and empowering local communities and sectors to act on climate change are integral for Eastern Visayas to achieve climate-resilient development.


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