With just three days before Filipinos choose the country’s next leaders, Solar Scholars continue to embody the true meaning of community cooperation and leadership through #RenewableEnergy.

ICSC’s RE-Charge Pilipinas team, in cooperation with the Hinatuan Partnership for Peoples Empowerment (HIPPE), trained 18 new #SolarScholars less than two weeks before #TyphoonOdette ravaged the Caraga Region and another 29 Solar Scholars in key municipalities and cities in Surigao del Norte more than three months after the Super Typhoon hit.

Participants were taught how to assemble, use, and maintain #TekPaks, a solar-powered portable device that can be used by communities to provide light, charge mobile phones, and power small medical equipment during disasters and blackouts.

This initiative was also done in collaboration with local governments and communities under the Hinatuan Passage Development Alliance (HIPADA) and was funded by Johanniter International Assistance.

Learn more about the training in this short video. #PayItForward