QUEZON CITY, June 19, 2023 – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has released the results of a year-long bike count done in 2022 by its Bike Lane Program Office (BLPO), with over 1.7 million bicycle trips made along Ortigas Avenue, Quirino Highway, and Commonwealth Avenue. The bike count data supports cycling as a viable mode of transportation in the country, with more people choosing to cycle for everyday trips.

“We laud the efforts of the MMDA Bike Program, especially the team under the leadership of Ms. Ching Salinas that quietly put in the work collecting bicycle traffic data while attending to the needs of cyclists passing through MMDA-managed bike lanes. With over 1.7 million trips counted, the figures provide us with a clear picture of what the provision of bike infrastructure can do: move more people, ” said Celine Tabinga, Mobility Awards Coordinator from the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC).

“The MMDA confirms what we’ve been saying all along: that there is momentum for a mobility revolution—driven by clean, fossil fuel-free, noise-free vehicles powered by hardworking Filipinos,” added Aldrin Pelicano, ICSC’s Inclusive Mobility Advisor and founder of the online community MNL Moves. “The MMDA BLPO only counted in three points, in three cities of Metro Manila, but it showed that over 1.7 million important trips were made using bicycles in 2022. This is an undercount, yet it shows that truly, when we give space for people on bikes in our streets, they will choose cycling over driving motor vehicles. Not only does it help ease the constant pressure on our public transport but also contributes to reducing road congestion. The challenge now is to ensure the bike lanes are safe and connected for everyone to use and get them to their destinations.”

This year, more city governments are participating in volunteer bike counts through Bilang Siklista, a citizen-led manual bike count initiative that aims to generate evidence-based justification for local governments to invest in more bike infrastructure.

“We encourage every citizen to join the growing movement by prioritizing the interest of the majority at the heart of our cities. Volunteer at Bilang Siklista. Nominate bike-friendly cities, businesses, and workplaces at this year’s Mobility Awards. Challenge your cities, favorite shops, and workplaces to be bike-friendly. Every act goes an extra mile. Everyone counts, everyone matters.” Tabinga adds.