Editor’s note: ICSC is supporting sustainable fashion and the circular economy through Fashion Revolution Philippines and its exhibit The Walk-Through, which will be launched this October 24 at Ayala Malls Circuit Makati.


THE WALK-THROUGH is Fashion Revolution Philippines’ first artist collaboration activation wherein global fashion industry issues are communicated through creative media.

This project seeks to take the conversation on sustainable fashion further, exploring in unexpected ways the delicate web of the industry that we currently find ourselves embedded in.

This project is supported by the British Council as part of the Creative Commissions initiative which aims to inspire positive change through artistic collaborations that challenge the social and environmental issues around sustainability and fashion.

THE WALK-THROUGH is in partnership with Ayala Malls Circuit, with collaborations with WeWork, Futunst, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, MakeSense, Circulo, DENUO, and ALTUM.

As a group show of multi-disciplinary Filipino artists, THE WALK-THROUGH seeks to provoke curiosity with Work that immerse in the multiverse of complex aspects of our generation’s fashion revolution.

The artists – Anina Rubio, Pam Quinto, Tanya Villanueva, Tekla Tamoria, and Zeus Bascon x Jas Fernandez – explore themes, philosophies, practices, studies, technologies, and socio-economic insights for a wide audience range.

What each Work has in common with the others is the sense of active participation – an invitation for the viewer to walk through, feel, and ponder.

As part of a global movement, we at Fashion Revolution Philippines constantly and actively strive to help promote greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry.

As part of this initiative, we are pleased to invite you to THE WALK-THROUGH, Fashion Revolution PH’s first artist collaboration activation.

Walk through with us this October 24-27, 2019, at Ayala Malls Circuit Activity Center.