Former DENR Secretary Gina Lopez passed away today, 19 August. Sec. Lopez was embraced fully by communities, environmental groups, and progressive enterprises for her courage, principled life and activism. ICSC executive director Renato Redentor Constantino issued the following statement:

ICSC had the extraordinary pleasure and privilege of working with Sec Gina Lopez however briefly. The brand of leadership she displayed during the Marrakech climate talks in 2016 was a classic example. She called out officials, some of whom were Filipinos, as fossil tools and fools for masquerading as developing country stalwarts while supporting the agenda of the oil, gas, and coal industries.

Gina Lopez was a fierce and gentle champion of principled environmental action.

The way she elevated love, truth, and intellectual integrity as weapons that can heal planetary wounds inflicted by cowardice, avarice and indifference will not be forgotten easily.

The way to honor her legacy is to continuously develop and implement effective strategies that can more quickly reduce harm and empower the vulnerable to fight harder for a future that is safe, filled with meaning and hope, and replete with joy.


Photo by Gigie Cruz/ABS-CBN News