Posted on the Agam Agenda Youtube channel.

Seven poets join the call for #MidnightClimateSurvival, urging countries to take stronger climate action now. In response to lines from the poem “Midnight”, by Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner, Ambassador for Culture for the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), the poets speak of the pain of collective loss under the climate crisis but also deliver a message of solidarity, mutuality, and hope.

This video poem brings together voices from Majuro, Sagada, Willemsted, Maribojoc, Kathmandu, and the diaspora. Jetñil-Kijiner is joined by Gawani Domogo (Sagada, Philippines), an award-winning indigenous writer recognized for her poetry in Kankanaey; María Faciolince (Curaçao, Colombia), who serves as the Global Voices Producer at Power Shifts Project under Oxfam; Marjorie Evasco (Maribojoc, Philippines), acclaimed Filipino poet whose work has won numerous national and international literary prizes; Pratibha Tuladhar (Kathmandu, Nepal), poet and journalist for over a decade; Luisa Igloria (Baguio, Philippines), Poet Laureate for Virginia in the United States; and Daniel Voskoboynik (Argentina), campaigner, educator and co-founder of the communications initiative The World at 1C.

In a process of long-distance collaboration, each poet responded to Jetñil-Kijiner’s opening lines not knowing what the others would write. They contributed footage taken with their phone cameras in their own locales. Words, images, and sound were stitched together by a team convened by the Agam Agenda.

“Midnight. Climate. Survival.” is an invitation to poets, artists, collectives and communities everywhere to channel the creative impulse towards reimagining and re-assembling kinder futures under the climate crisis. “We need abundant hands” in order for us to survive and thrive on the other side of midnight.

In support of the Midnight Climate Survival campaign.