Project Description


Opening the “cookie jar” for gender and health in the context of climate change:

A local government planning innovation guide to integrate gender and development (GAD) in local climate change adaptation strategies.

Addressing the gender-differentiated impacts of climate change will even improve the cost-benefit and effectiveness analysis of localized adaptation measures. Policies in the Philippines, such as climate policies that integrate gender and development (GAD), are highly recognized by law but are criticized for their siloed approach in planning and budgeting. Increasing public investment for the implementation of gender and health, including sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) development strategies, will not only improve the health quality of men, women, and the youth but will have far-reaching benefits to climate action.

In the Philippines, local governments’ Gender and Development Funds (GAD Fund) have been criticized by some as a “cookie jar” to be used for various purposes outside the strategic priorities. Local governments may leverage existing funds, such as the GAD Fund, to also contribute to the realization of needed gender-responsive climate action, especially at the local level.

The planning innovation guide is an enhancement of the planning manual “Climate Change Adaptation Framework: A participatory planning approach for integrating climate resilience in development planning” published by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) and CordAid Philippines, adding gender and health-SRHR strategies in the planning process and tap the GAD Fund as one of the resource windows for budgeting and implementation. This is piloted in the municipality of Guiuan, Eastern Samar as part of their second-term review of the municipality’s Climate Change Adaptation Framework (CCAF).

Lead Author: Danica Marie Supnet
Contributing Authors: Isabella Ann Mendoza, Elainne Lopez
Peer Reviewers: Reginald Rex Barrer, Lourdes Tibig, Maria Golda Hilario,
Editor: Weng Cahiles
Layout and Design: Joseph Manalo