Authored by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Climate Change Policy Spet Cassie Flyn.

Before, the management of climate finance was in the hand of the small number of large funds associated with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Finance. Today, countries have more opportunities to address the various climate and development needs because of the expansion of funds coming from private, public, bilateral and multilateral sources. As a consequence of the expansion of climate sources, countries should have a tool that they could use to maximize the funds that they are receiving. The UNDP is pushing that each country should have a National Climate Fund which shall serve as a mechanism for the facilitation, collection, blending, coordination of, and accounting of climate finance. The purpose of this guidebook is to provide countries with assistance in designing their respective NCF by identifying its common components and structural overview. This guidebook is intended to decision-makers at the national and sub-national level, domestic experts involved in assisting the government in establishing institutions and those frameworks to support proper management and delivery of climate finance.