Enabling Policy and Governance Environment for E-Vehicle Adoption and Integration in Public Transport

by Ma. Sheilah Gaabucayan-Napalang and Wryanne Jasmine Lopez

Drawing lessons from the experience of cooperatives and corporations currently operating electric jeepneys on city routes, this report focuses on analyzing the current enabling policy and governance environment for e-vehicle adoption and integration in public transport. It also provides policy recommendations to address current operational barriers faced by e-jeepney cooperatives/corporations, as well as ensuring e-jeepney operations are compatible with clean air and climate commitments of the country.

About the Authors

Ma. Sheilah Gaabucayan-Napalang is a professor and the current director for research and publication at the University of the Philippines School of Urban and Regional Planning. She served as the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Project Development of the Philippine Department of Transportation on secondment from July 2019 to 2022 and was the Director of the UP National Center for Transportation Studies from July 2016-July 2019. She continues to serve as a Research Extension Fellow of the Center.

She is one of the core members of the Women in Transport Leadership (WiTL), a knowledge-sharing network aimed at creating knowledge, fostering innovation and empowering female-to-female collaboration to address diverse transport challenges, particularly issues related to gender and transport. Her current researches include accessibility and gender issues in transport planning, just transition to low carbon transport, and transport safety.


Wryanne Jasmine Lopez is a post-graduate student at the School of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of the Philippines. As a research associate, she has been recently involved in various research initiatives focusing on policy development for public transportation.


Napalang, MSG and WJLopez (2024). Enabling Policy and Governance Environment for e-Vehicle Adoption and Integration in Public Transport. Quezon City : Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities