Overview of the Climate Policy Progress in Southeast Asia: Taking Stock of the Countries’ Submissions to the UNFCCC

The first Global Stocktake (GST1) is a critical step in updating and ramping up the countries’ targets and implementation plans to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C, especially for diverse regions such as Southeast Asia (SEA). The processes in the GST emphasize submissions as part of the international cooperation of states to communicate and express their interests in consideration of their common but differentiated responsibilities. 

This study takes stock of the status of the submission of national communications, particularly National Communications, Biennial Update Reports (BURs), Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), and Long-term Strategy, from SEA countries. This study recommends further in-depth analyses to identify and bridge the global gaps in global commitments and country-level implementation.

These national reports are mechanisms for countries to document the implementation of their climate action strategies and outcomes, as stated in Article 12 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. They are integral communication mechanisms indicating the national commitment to adapt to and mitigate the persisting anthropogenic activities that exacerbate the rapid changes in climate cycles.

Contributing Authors:

  • Danize Marie Lukban, Climate Policy Analyst (Lead Author)
  • Danica Marie Supnet, Interim Director for Climate Policy


  • Ms. Josefina Cobian (Program Manager for Global Intelligence, ClimateWorks Foundation)
  • Dr. Felino P. Lansigan (Climate Adaptation Advisor, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities; and Professor Emeritus, University of the Philippines Los Baños)
  • Ms. Lourdes Tibig (Climate Science Advisor, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities)
  • Mr. Yolando Velasco (Climate Finance Subdivision Manager, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)

Technical Editors: 

  • Ira Dominique Guerrero (Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities)
  • Karmela Lea Gonzales (Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities)
  • Desdemona Diwata Espina (external editor)

Layout and Cover by: 

  • Rosalie Agustin (Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities)