The Economics of E-Jeepney Transport Operations: Business Models, Enabling Factors, and Current Challenges

by Sandy Mae Gaspay and Arse John Salison

This report looks at documenting and examining current business models and cost-benefit analyses of operating e-jeepney transport fleets by one transport joint venture and three cooperatives, including sources of financing and investment structures that are currently operating in key cities in the Philippines (General Santos City; Lapu-Lapu City; Muntinlupa City; and Las Piñas City). The study examines the economic costs and benefits and identifies operational challenges that hamper the sustainability of their fleet operations.

About the Authors

Sandy Mae Gaspay is an Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines-Diliman Institute of Civil Engineering. She currently heads the Traffic Engineering and Management Group at the National Center for Transportation Studies which focuses on traffic efficiency and safety studies. She is also a transportation consultant specializing in urban transportation, transportation planning, policy and project development.

She was formerly connected with the Philippine Department of Transportation wherein she was involved in the study, development, and implementation of various infrastructure projects and the public transportation reform program. She is currently doing research on mobility in urban areas, focusing on the efficiency and accessibility of public transportation services and infrastructure, and on safety of diverse groups of road users including cyclists and pedestrians.

Arse John Salison is a researcher at the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory within the National Center for Transportation Studies, specializing in GHG MRV, Low Carbon Transport, and the transition towards Electric Vehicles. His work extends into the development of Information Systems and Big Data Analytics, focusing on enhancing Road Safety and Maritime Transportation through innovative research and application.

He is currently an associate member of the Transportation Science Society of the Philippines (TSSP) and a regular member of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS). His work aims drive sustainable practices and produce data-driven solutions and polices in the transportation sector.


Gaspay, SM and AJ Salison (2024). The Economics of E-Jeepney Transport Operations: Business Models, Enabling Factors, and Current Challenges. Quezon City: Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities