Celebrating stories of hope and good trouble: Int’l climate anthology ‘Harvest Moon’ feted in Washington, DC

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We need stories of hope and ‘good trouble’ to animate and enliven climate movements around the world, according to policy groups, philanthropists, artists, and activists who gathered yesterday in the Busboys and Poets bookstore and cultural hub to celebrate the publication of the international climate anthology Harvest Moon: Poems and Stories from the Edge of the Climate Crisis (2021).

Caligrapher in Town: Limited Baybayin-signed copies of Agam available!

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By Red Constantino Kristian Kabuay was in town the other week. In fact, he had been around for a while before we had a chance to meet up, and meet up we did, thanks to his aunt, Mitzi Duque Ruiz. A scholar and artist, Kabuay created the cover art for Agam, in fine calligraphy that [...]