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Constantino steps down; Dela Cruz to be ICSC executive director

23 Jan 2023|Tags: , , , , |

QUEZON CITY, January 23, 2023 – The board of trustees of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), a Manila-based climate and energy think tank, announced the appointment of Angelo Kairos Dela Cruz as the new ICSC executive director effective January 16, with a one-month transition as the current [...]

[Response] UAE national oil company head to lead COP28 climate talks

DOWNLOAD PDF by Angelo Kairos Dela Cruz, ICSC Deputy Executive Director Full response of ICSC deputy executive director Angelo Kairos Dela Cruz for the BusinessMirror story entitled “Groups flag appointment of Abu Dhabi oil boss Al Jaber to lead climate talks” by Lenie Lectura published last January 19, [...]

Bleak, challenging energy sector outlook seen in ’23 [Business Mirror]

by Lenie Lectura | January 09, 2023| Published by Business Mirror | READ THE STORY HERE INDUSTRY stakeholders paint a bleak and very challenging power sector this year. The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) said rotating brownouts could happen in the second quarter of this year because [...]

Group warns of rotating blackouts in second quarter [Manila Standard]

“Fossil gas supply remains restricted, affecting the operations of natgas plants. The entry of new solar and other RE power plants to augment much-needed supply is likewise constrained by limited transmission and distribution interconnection capacities,” Maniego said.

05 Jan 2023|Tags: , , , , |
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